So I missed the big day, September 29th, 2008 is when Karen went under the knife and is the date that she marks as her cancer free day. It’s odd to me that I missed it. I believe I have moved on and I’m no longer thinking in terms of cancer survival, but of the life that she is living. Thanks everyone for the 2 years of support, prayers and kindness. It has meant so much to our whole family.


It’s Karen’s birthday today, and it’s truly a celebration of life. If you haven’t been here before, this blog is a journal I have kept since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2008. She is truly a warrior. God is truly amazing. He has carried her through so much. Send her a birthday greeting if you will today. She’s a great lady, and I love her so much!

I haven’t updated lately because not much has changed. However, Karen went to see another plastic surgeon for a second opinion re: her infection and the reconstruction process. Surgeon #1 says lets keep moving forward, but we were uneasy. The Doc we saw today was very informative, helpful and gave us great insight that we really needed. She says, it is hard to tell if Karen still has an infection or the side of her chest that was radiated is just reacting to reconstruction. She also shared her opinion with Karen and all radiated patients, that it is always a 50% chance that reconstruction will not work. The skin is just too badly damaged and “un-expandable”. Bottom line: Doc #2 said, move forward, but understand that in a few weeks, reconstruction may have to be reversed. She also gave us some different surgeries that may be alternatives some day. Believe it or not the Warrior is encouraged. I think the more info she has the better her hope meter goes. Thanks for your prayers everyone. They continue to sustain us.

Good News

Karen was going to have to wait to meet with her surgeon until Wednesday, but we really didn’t want to wait that long, so she called first thing this morning and bam, we’re in! I was praying my butt off that we would hear good news, and we did. Doc says the infection looks better, the reconstruction process can continue and she will stay on the antibiotics for another couple of weeks. We are soooo happy, relieved and thankful. Thanks everyone for praying. You have sustained us again!

Still in the woods

I wish we had some really great news, but Karen is still not outof the woods. It’s very hard to tell if her infection is any better or not. It still hurts her, she still has a lack of energy (which is unusual for Karen), and is off and on with her sleep pattern. We are not sure we want to wait till Wednesday’s doc appt, so we will try to get her in tomorrow. The waiting is no fun for us at all. Here’s how to pray: for total and complete healing of her infection, for a night of 8 hours of sleep, for her to be released from any anxiety. Thanks friends! A photo to pray on:

One step forward….

So the Doc has given Karen a low dose sleeping pill to help her calm down at night, turn her brain off, etc. It worked pretty good yesterday, not so good last night. The girl needs sleep if she is going to beat this infection, so that is what I’d like us to pray for: Karen to sleep, 8 hours of glorious, restful slumber. Keep praying for the infection to be wiped out. We won’t know the full prognosis until she sees the surgeon on Wednesday, but at the last meeting he said she is on the plus side of 50/50. That is, the positive side (?) of a 50/50 chance she may have to have another surgery. Not sure I like that, but it is what it is. I think God can do better than 50/50.

Thanks everyone. Karen feels your prayers and I’m not just saying that.

Thanks for all your prayers. Karen got about 7 hours sleep for the first time since the infection set in on Friday. I really appreciate your prayers and support. Infection is still there, still hurting, but we are trusting that healing is taking place on the inside. Please keep praying for Karen. Thanks and blessings.